Monday, November 27, 2006


If one of the two sides in conflict thinks that he is going to win (and win undoubtedly), then he will never agree to any compromise. Only if he sees that his victory is in doubt, then he will enter into negotiations.
Look at the today's situation between Israel and the palestinians. They agree to negotiate because each side has got the conclusion that he cannot beat one another undoubtedly.

So we can learn the PR tip: Wish to make your opponent agree to your proposed compromise? First, make him think that you have many options to beat him. Second, make him think that he cannot win undoubtedly.

Sunday, November 5, 2006


Who rules in America, demos (= people) or chronos (= time)? America is a chronocracy no less than a democracy. Clothes and household things still of good quality are thrown out for the simple reason that they are old. Scientific, economic, and cultural trends are replaced every certain period of time. Presidents, computers, car models, artistic trends, dress cuts, textbooks have to change periodically to maintain their authoritative status as "new."

So we can learn the PR tip: Make your image as if you keep up with the times. Wish to promote your production? Present it as NEW.