Saturday, June 12, 2010


My recent analysis for creative & funny slogans shows a dozen (plus one) of main principles:

1. Alliteration:
"Rats Rock",
"Go Google"

2. Congruence:
"One City: One Goal",
“Real Health, Real People, Real Results”

3. Contraries:
"Make love not war"
“Getting a DUI is easy, calling your mom from jail is hard”

4. Direct command:
"Work smart", “Just Do It”, "Just say no"

5. Rhyme:
“Today was a good day”, "I Like Ike"

6. Pun:
"NOBAMA", "Westoxification"

7. Imitation, parody:
"Yes Pecan!", “yes we cannabis”

8. The use of the word "You":
“Broadcast Yourself”,
“Make Your Ideas Count”

9. The use of a Famous Name:
"A film with the passion of Tennessee Williams"

10. Compliment to the customer:
"A great nation deserves great art",

11. Logical Statement:
'Abortion is not Healthcare'

12. Rhetorical question:
"Where is our vote?"
"Breast cancer isn't shy, why should we be?"

13. Humor:
"It's the economy, stupid"