Saturday, May 10, 2008


What do you think about your own body image? Are you satisfied with it? I am not so much with mine. Because I am too slim, not muscular like Rambo. Additionally, my nose is big and hooked.
There are much more men not satisfied with their body images because of other reasons. One because of obesity (= increased body weight, fatness). Another because of hair on his body. Or because of sweat. Or because of smells. Or he might be bald. Or he might have too many skin blemishes.

What is the problem with a male body image?

The common bad problem is that a poor image of a male body does not begin and stop just in one's mind. Instead, a man not satisfied with his muscles tries to use anabolic steroids to improve his appearance. A guy with a long nose goes to plastic surgery. Are you sure it is always safe?

What is NOT a solution?

I am not talking about usual diet for fighting obesity. I am not talking about all the stuff on cosmetics you can find on the web without me. I am going to talk about much more important point. I am going to talk on what you transmit to others. What does your image convey to the public? What does it do to the people subconsciously?
My point is psychology / public relations.

What is a solution?

The solution to improve your image is between the body and psychology. It is about the influence your POSTURE makes to your mind / self esteem and then to your image in the public opinion.
For that purpose I put this video here. It is about your posture: shoulders, chin, muscles.