Saturday, June 30, 2007


Everyone is talking about Katsav's (= Former Israel’s president, Moshe Katsav) plea bargain. What do I say? Is he guilty or not? I don't know exactly. I know only what I hear and see on the media. So I hear that in January Attorney General (= State Prosecutor) Menachem Mazuz announced he planned to indict Katsav on charges of rape. But he allowed Katsav's attorneys (two famous lawyers of high caliber) to appear before him at a hearing in May to plead their case. After that hearing he changed his decision (new evidence was presented, he told, but did not give further details). Now according to the deal, Katsav will plead guilty to several counts of sexual harassment. The more serious rape charges have been dropped. Harassment instead of rape. Suspended jail sentence.
I suppose: much depends on your attorneys ability to persuade. The persuasion means not only new evidence. It means, first of all, presentation to the State Prosecutor the ability to distress his life if he does not obey.

The real principle to persuade a high rank person is to present/ show/ demonstrate to him/her your ability to distress/ trouble his/her life afterwards.


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