Friday, July 27, 2007


A Russian expedition
set sail on July 25 for the North Pole, where it plans to send a mini-submarine crew to plant a flag on the seabed and symbolically claim the Arctic for the Kremlin.
The objective is to be the first to put a flag there, a Russian flag at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, at the very point of the North Pole. Legal and defence experts see the move as part of a Russian push to assert itself globally and equally, a canny public relations move.
How are they going to fulfill it? If all goes according to plan, the nuclear-powered icebreaker Rossiya will smash through the ice, leading the way for the main expedition ship, which will launch the submarine. We are talking about a small submarine for three members of the team. A Mir submersible vehicle will delve 4,000 meters to the bottom of the ocean beneath the pole.

Which PR tip can we learn from this example? Wish to claim your rights to some territory? Wish to make PR about your success in a new scope? So stake a visible/ concrete/ real/ physical object to prove it.


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