Saturday, March 8, 2008


Thanks to Robert F. Hogeboom, I have learned about a successful viral marketing example.
What's great about it?
As you know, viral marketing means self promoting message. So, which principles can we learn out of this example?
First, what is the story behind the case?
Presidential candidate Barack Obama delivered a speech on the eve of the New Hampshire primary. 'Yes We Can' was the speech motto.
Afterwards a hip-hop singer created music video using the same lyrics 'Yes We Can'. As his distribution platform, the singer chose the largest online video site, YouTube. Its popularity has been great = over 13 million views to date.
Watching the video, what do we see?
* Authenticity. It seems to come out of the heart. 'Home made' style.
* Simplicity. It is just black & white, as opposed to the usual colorful TV shows.
* The video is calm, quiet, soft, gentle. Not noisy rallies.
* The distribution platform is not the last point.

So, we learn a few principles of this viral marketing example: authenticity, simplicity, softness, and a good platform.


  1. Jacob,
    I understand about authenticity. You mean nobody paid for this video. OK, suppose so. Then the great question is: how can you initiate such an initiative? You as a PR pro wish some guy stand up and sing a song about your client, don't you? If you don't know how to do it, it means, the situation is not under your control, is it?

  2. Andrew, you are right.
    The great point is to trigger such an initiative. This task is worth of thinking about.
    However, if you don't find a solution in half an hour, it doesn't mean there is no solution at all. Just go on thinking, and seeking, and searching.