Monday, March 3, 2008


Which problem do you need to solve in your marketing effort?
You wish your potential customers to receive your message, and not just to receive but to pass it on to others, don't you?
So this is the point. Why would the customers pass along your message voluntarily? This is your challenge.
So, you need to make them say "This is fun!". Let us see one viral marketing example. This is a video promoting 'F-Series' truck of Ford. Several videos show you situations when a guy (driving a F-150 truck) is punished for not being 'tough' enough. For example, one driver is arrested for wearing a pink shirt ('No pink shirts for Ford tough guys!'). Another is obliged to pour his caffe latte out ('NO FANCY COFFEE') etc.
Ford trucks are for 'tough' guys - this is the message that you as a viral marketing transmitter are supposed to pass along.
One more thing. There is a button 'SHARE' on the video, so you are reminded to send the video to your friends.


  1. Jacob,
    I don't understand: are you talking about site promotion (increasing traffic etc.)? Or about just marketing (usual marketing, not promoting thru web)?

  2. Jeff,
    this is a good point. We should talk about two kinds of viral marketing on the Web.
    One: promotion of site. You promote your site / blog by the means of web viral marketing.
    Second: promotion of product per se. Even if you don't have any website, you just promote your product. The above viral marketing example (on 'F-Series' truck of Ford) is exactly talking about this instance.