Wednesday, October 1, 2008

creative writing idea by nicole krauss: identifying with a character

One of the Kurt Vonnegut's basics for creative writing says: 'Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for'.
The reader should identify / associate / affiliate oneself closely with a person or group.
'The History of Love' has even three such characters.
First, Leo Gursky. A writer aged 80+.
Second, Alma Singer. A girl fourteen or fifteen years old.
Third, Bird (his name is Emanuel Chaim, but everyone calls him 'Bird'), Alma's brother about eight years old.
The formal method for making me identify myself with each of the characters is simple using the first person. But that's not all. The deeper point is that you find many thoughts/feelings of theirs appealing to your heart.


  1. Jacob,
    'using the first person' - is this the only way to generate this identification?

  2. Olivia,
    Not only.
    Usually men identify with male characters whom they perceive as successful, intelligent, and violent, Women identify with female characters whom they perceive as successful, intelligent, attractive, and admired.