Thursday, February 14, 2008


What is viral marketing? It encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others. It facilitates people to pass along a message voluntarily!
Off the Internet, there have been expressions as "word-of-mouth," "creating a buzz," "leveraging the media," "network marketing." But on the Internet it's called "viral marketing."
A few days ago I received an email from 'Bad Language' about illusionist Derren Brown’s televised 'Russian Roulette'. I became interested and went to Derren Brown’s site. Then I started searching in Youtube for his clips, and found a lot of his stunts and tricks on NLP, Subliminal Advertising etc.

So, that's how the viral marketing worked in this case: email --> Derren Brown's site on Russian roulette --> youtube --> other Derren Brown's clips.


  1. Jacob,
    so what do u suggest? What is your point? How should i learn to use 'viral marketing' in this case?
    Your example begins from sending / receiving an email. So what? Is 'viral marketing' just about sending emails?

  2. Greg,
    'viral marketing' is not about sending emails. It is about self-propagating. It is about using some interesting piece of info.
    As in this case: there is some buzz on his trick of 'Russian roulette'. And afterwards, the info on the illusionist is continuing to propagate.

  3. i dont know about viral marketing but i think the biggest change is the multipoint and the small croud aproch.
    you dont count on one big show and one big message. you need to send youre content to as many platform as you can.

  4. david,
    the multipoint & small crowd approach sounds OK.
    I will try to bring a few instances of this approach.