Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have read an article depicting the future Russian president Dmitry Medvedev's speech patterns.
He appears to continue Putin's patterns. For example:
* A style of articulation that intentionally mimics that of the tough-talking Putin.
* Sharply stressing the first syllable of each word and pausing for effect.
* Specialists have worked with Medvedev to make his voice sound "tougher" in response to focus-group data showing that voters want "someone like Putin,"
* Medvedev is even imitating Putin's gait.

By having him talk like Putin, Medvedev is emphasizing that he is the president's heir.
Former President Boris Yeltsin was not so popular in the country, so Putin had to do his best to distance himself from him. Now the situation is different. Any resemblance to Putin is only positive.
By parroting Putin's speech, Medvedev is also reassuring voters that the relative stability under Putin will continue after he leaves office.
Medvedev has only recently begun studying up to become president, and the first step of any apprenticeship involves imitation, like babies do with adults.
When he becomes president he will develop his own way of walking and talking, and then we may have Putin parroting him.

So, to raise your image you should learn the image of your predecessor / boss. If his image is not popular in the country, then you should distance yourself from him. But if his image is popular, then any resemblance to him is only positive.


  1. Jacob,
    Are you talking about parroting your boss? Are u sure he would like it?

  2. Eric, there are two important points here:
    1. Your boss. Right, this is complicated, however, Neuro-linguistic programming (= NLP) has solutions for this case. They call it 'matching' (to match non-verbal behavior: body posture, head position, gestures, voice tone, speech and body rhythms, breathing, pulse, and so forth). However, they teach you how to do it without seeming 'parroting'.

    2. The point of view of the voters / public. They just wish you to look like your predecessor if he has been so popular.