Thursday, April 3, 2008


As you know, the promotion today means social media marketing. If you are not present at a social network, you are 'out'. Nobody knows you.
This is the trend.
But if anybody submits a post to promote your site/blog, then you are on the right side. So you just need somebody go and tell at a social network: 'I know this guy, I know his site, it is so great/interesting/important!'.
It is that simple.
Now I announce: these days I am taking a FREE promotional action for my readers. I will just go to social networks and submit one promotion post for the sake of your site/blog. It might be a comment on a forum you wish. It might be digg etc. The particular points might be discussed in a private mail.
Important: I am talking about not just link to your site, but about much more: a short promotional post linking to your site. To make it, I will take the following actions:
1. Read your site: what is it about?
2. Find an APPROPRIATE social network for your site (or if you have some specific consideration, tell me).
3. Go to this social network, login with my name, write a short post about your site and submit it.
All you need is to contact me on this issue. Do you see the 'Your Feedback' in the right side of the screen? Go there, click and send a mail to me about your site/blog.


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