Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I have read a useful article of Dinesh B. It is about good link building. The main point: stop focusing on 'little weight' links. Instead, start focusing on links that matter a lot.
Which links do matter a lot? Links from an Authority Website. Especially from the same niche. Why the same niche is so good? Because it means the linking site has content that is relevant to your website.
Needless to say that the issue of good link building is relevant to the issue of social media marketing and/or viral marketing.
OK, now I wish to implement this in practice. The readers of my blog can get from me a one-time service: free linking from Authority Websites. I would take care of writing a post to an Authority Site. Inside my post I would bury a link/anchor to the readers site. Which one Authority Site do I mean? It depends on the Readers site and should be discussed specifically case by case.

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  1. Jacob,
    you are talking about 'Authority Sites', aren't you. Which ones do you mean? How do you choose them? Could you give me an example of such a site?

  2. Lucy,
    'Authority Sites', they are sites with high PageRank and other ranking scores. See, for example, Advertixing Age ranking list. It is talking about media & marketing blogs. I personally read the copyblogger blog.
    Now, your specific field of endeavor may have some other 'Authority Sites' list.