Monday, April 14, 2008


Today I am checking one more instrument for linkbaiting a blog on social media. It is Yahoo! Answers. Do you know how it works? People ask questions, and anybody may answer. Once upon a time there was a similar service at Google.
Now what exactly can you do with it? Two things:
1. You read the questions and see the themes being popular.
2. You can submit your answer on the selected theme. Make a link to your site/blog inside your answer. Sure, you don't spam. Instead, your answer should be substantial to the question.
This is an example how I do it. And this is one example more.

So, try this linkbaiting / social media marketing technique. If you have positive results, let me know and get a FREE bonus. You can post in the comments and/or privately to me (at the right side of the screen).


  1. Jacob,
    Let me understand this point of yours:
    'You read the questions and see the themes being popular'.
    Could you explain what it is for?

  2. Jane,
    Seeing the themes being popular - this is for learning your audience, its interests etc.

  3. Hi Jacob

    I totally agree with you on Yahoo Answers. I have used it to answer questions in the Alternative Medicine section relevant to my site and it takes a little while but if you have relevant articles on your site, you will find that people often visit your site. Of course, you must know what you are talking about. The more best answers you receive, the higher the traffic from what I have noticed. Small but significant. It does also help with generating new user friendly content for your site.

  4. Greg,
    I have visited your site. Seems to me you should put a form for comments just on the landing page of your site.

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  6. Thanks Jacob. Decided to re-design that website through Wordpress and will definitely include comments.